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The Biosphere Code

Algorithms increasingly permeate all aspects of modern life. Transport, food production, health care, education, crime-fighting, art, journalism, music, research, stock exchange, and even love life. With more and more complex algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data we have increased our capacities to collect, process and disseminate information in ways which is bound to have profound impacts on society. More...


Our ambition is to present 10 guiding principles for the development of algorithms towards a sustainable future for both humans and nature. That is, algorithms that helps us protect and strengthen our ecosystems, and improve our creative capacities to sustain human well-being in an uncertain future. More...

TLab in Transformations 2015

The Biosphere Code is a Transformation Lab (TLab) connected to the Transformations Conference 2015 and it will take place on the 4th of October 2015. 


Interview Jack Stilgoe

Victor Galaz, researcher in the Stockholm Resilience Centre, interviews Jack Stilgoe, from University College London. This video is part of the project The Biosphere Code, one of the T-Labs organized in conjunction with the Transformation2015 Conference

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