ARIES is a web-based technology offered to users worldwide to assist rapid ecosystem service assessment and valuation (ESAV). Its purpose is to make environmental decision making easier and more effective. ARIES helps users discover, understand, and quantify environmental assets and the factors influencing their values, for specific geographic areas and based on user needs and priorities.

ARIES follows the open source software paradigm; our goal is to have unsupervised access to ARIES services open and free for all non-profit users, including members of NGOs, academic, or governmental institutions. Non-profit users commit to sharing data in ways that best reflect their mission and sources, contributing to the growth of the system over time. Access to ARIES for business and consulting groups will also be made available through consortium members, whose proceeds will support the maintenance and growth of the system.

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Top Photo ARIES was initially developed around a series of case studies, designed to model multiple ecosystem services across varied ecological and socioeconomc settings. Case studies are designed using local, typically high-resolution spatial datasets and models that account for locally-important ecological and socioeconomic variables that influence ecosystem service provision and use. The map below shows the ARIES case studies that are currently available. ARIES will eventually incorporate a series of generalized global models that rely on coarser scale global spatial datasets and generalized relationships to model the provision, use, and spatial dynamics of ecosystem services.