Victor Galaz is an Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in political science, and is currently working as a researcher and co-theme leader for Global and Cross-Scale Dynamics at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

He is also the present coordinator of the Earth System Governance Research Centre Stockholm. Among his publications in English are articles in the journals Environment, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Ecological Economics, Public Administration, Environmental Politics, Ambio, Ecology and Society, and Governance.
He has acted as expert advisor for the International Commission on Climate Change and Development, as well as for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) on geo-engineering issues. His work has been featured in international media such as Wired, The Guardian, New Scientist and Nature. He is a regular contributor in the Swedish public and policy debate about environmental policy and emerging technologies.
His current research interests are in global environmental governance, planetary boundaries, emerging technologies and emerging political conflicts associated with the notion of the Anthropocene. He is also currently working on a book entitled "Global Environmental Governance, Technology and Politics: Developments in the Anthropocene" (Edward Elgar).
Research interest
Catastrophic thresholds, surprises and cascading crises seem to be a generic feature of interconnected biophysical and socioeconomic systems. Victor Galaz's research elaborates the major governance challenges posed by Earth system complexity, planetary boundaries, and the Anthropocene.